Thanks for all the amazing support so far…

Here we are. A new year with tighter restrictions in place and a virus that seems to be showing no signs of disappearing just yet.

Sadly, it’s an ongoing tough time for many people and we still need to raise funds to give to those who are in need of financial support.

Thank you so much for your support. A lot of merch has left the building! The feedback has been really positive. The “quality of the merch”, the “outstanding”, “every emotion used up”, book (by the way – it’s a one-off, limited edition, no reprints so when it’s gone, it’s gone!) and the very generous donations given, not to mention the online gigs also donating to the fund – Jon Moore, Joe Topping (now on The Voice!), James Delarre, Jack & Leon Hogsden and Simon Care.

Please tell ALL your friends about Don’t Stop The Music. Think about birthday presents, maybe a surprise gift for a chum to brighten their day or a treat for yourself. The word(s) need to get out there as much as possible.

We’re now starting to think about other merch ideas so if you have any thoughts do get in touch!

Please stay safe, be kind and look after yourselves.

I miss you!